Memories of a Wedding

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Memories of a Wedding

Thessaloniki Photo Festival Contrast

, Alatza Imaret,


Each person, when it comes to dream his own wedding, has as reference point his parents’ matrimony. Memories of such a happy event are shared among generations through photos, objects and narrations.

My idea was to shoot my beloved friend Elena A., who comes from a family with traditional values and parents married out of love. However, she feels like rejecting her family model, since she has demystified the idea of marriage, mainly because as a lawyer, she comes across with the dark side of weddings on a daily basis. Therefore, she is fully aware that reality is very cruel and is far beyond from what it is read to children through fairy tales.

In this project, I tried to depict exactly this contrast. The connection of a marriage memory that took place years ago, with a modern woman that feels its burden and wants to cast it out.

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