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III Art Encounters, Belgrade Serbia

30th October

Honoured that my photograph is part of the International Exhibition “III Art Encounters ” at the House of King Peter I in Belgrade.

New ongoing project “Double Reality”

25th October

This is my new ongoing project that deals with the negative impact  on nature from human and industrial growth.

The urge to create such a series came from my sad observation that we, as people, have expanded so much, that natural environments have been altered, trespassed and poisoned.

Furthermore, industrial growth has left no space of animal or plants habitats and for that reason extinction of species occurs.

My purpose is to show that this happens next to us and not only in earth’s poles and we should act now in order to save our planet and secure our future.

It is aimed to be exhibited as contradictory diptychs and solo images as well.

This series was a result from my research while attending a photo seminar of Medphoto Festival with Pavlos Fysakis.

Postcards from home_Rethymno 2018 – Photography workshop with Photini Papahatzi & Lia Nalbantidou

29th June

A chance to meet inspiring Greek women of photography Photini Papahatzi & Lia Nalbantidou in Rethymno (Crete) and deal with a challenging theme such as “home”.



Street event with photography at Papamarkos Str, Thessaloniki with the Photography Center of Thessaloniki

30th September

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A sweet treat after lunch, Andros island

22nd August

My black cat photo in the article “About Luck” of “Intellectum” Journal

13th July

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Elafonisi, Crete

12th June

Photography exhibition of project “What” with Pavlos Fysakis at the House of Civilization, Rethymno, Crete (Medphoto Festival)

31st May

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My entry at The WALL Pafos 2017- Months of Photography Paphos

22nd May

Many thanks to all people of the European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017 and the Cuprys Photographic Society – Pafos team as well as to the jugde committee:
• Dimitris Makrigiannakis (Sweden), photographer, BURN MY EYE collective.
• Fadi BouKaram (Λίβανος), photographer, OBSERVE collective.
• Raluca Furtuna (Ρουμανία), photographer, BULBphotos collective for selecting my entry for the The WALL 2017.

Chalkis 26.04.20170 – Life is beautiful

26th April

Life is beautiful even in urban surrounding


Alykes Beach, Beotia

19th March

Homeless in Chalkis, Evia

23rd February

Episkopis Beach, Crete, 11.2.17

11th February

Dog in the fields, Central Evia, 5.2.17

5th February

Seagulls, Chalkis 20.1.17

20th January

Snowfall, Central Evia, 8.1.17

8th January

Night encounter with white supernatural cat, Avlonari, Evia, 6.1.17

6th January

Northern side of Euripus Strait, 29.12.16

29th December

Agios Merkourios, Mourteri, Evia 25.12.16

25th December

Birds were placed as ornaments on tree, Avlonari, Evia

17th December

Αυλωνάρι Δεκέμβριος 2016